Artificial Grass Maintenance Equipment

Artificial grass is a popular material used for Multi-Use Games Areas and Sports Pitches across the country for their easy upkeep and all-season access. The use of artificial grass pitches also ensures no more thinning, bare areas or muddy, churned-up ground. 

While artificial grass requires little care, you will still need to keep on top of maintenance to keep it looking good and functional for use. Regular brushing, particularly in areas of high traffic, keeps grass blades sturdy and upright without risk of flattening. Our de-compactor is ideal for large areas, with an expanded 1.2m sweep, adjustable de-compaction brush, levelling brush and infill spreader. 

Drag mats are available for easy removal of unwanted weeds and vegetation and can also be used for evenly spreading infill – ensuring your all-season pitch remains playable in all weathers. 

If your artificial grass is looking old and compacted and drag mats aren’t heavy duty enough for the job, we have several Turf Dethatchers available, for use with tractors and recently redesigned for use with quads. The Turf Dethatchers can be used to revitalise your artificial grass pitch by putting the spring back into fibres. Turf Dethatchers are great for use on multiple surfaces from sports fields and golf courses to parks and race tracks.