Do you continuously have to clean up mud trawled through the changing rooms or Clubhouse? No matter how many times you request players to remove their boots before stepping foot inside they still walk right on through? It’s a story that is all too familiar with those who are responsible for the facilities upkeep.

Boot wipers and mud mats are a convenient piece of equipment that can be installed at the edge of the playing surface or just outside entrances, where players can wipe away excess mud on their boots. Sizes are available to suit junior and senior players and the number of users involved. 

Practical and convenient, boot wipers are a must-have for any sports club that hosts outdoor events, especially those that see extensive use during the winter months. Keeping the mud outside the clubhouse makes it a pleasant place to convene after a good game. 

For more information on the Sportsmark range of boot wipers or any other groundsman equipment, make sure to get in contact with our expert team today for friendly advice. We guarantee the very best quality of equipment on the market for our customers.

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