Golf Course Equipment

Golf courses are more than just a vast green space. A good quality golf course needs to be aesthetically pleasing to the players in addition to providing necessities such as a fairway, bunkers and the all-important green with pin and cup. 

For golf course maintenance, we provide a range of general tools from rakes including bunker rakes and general maintenance rakes to turf care products such as slotters, slitters and turf doctors. Make sure your greens look their best with top quality maintenance equipment. 

We offer a range of golf course furniture from benches and bins to signage. Bring some comfort to your golf course with a bench for particularly long holes and keep your course clean by providing golfer's bins and boot wipers. 

Your golf course isn’t complete without the necessary equipment. We can provide you with a set of hole cups in durable metals or plastics and a wide variety of hole cutters for finishing greens, in addition to our Sportsmark practice cages, perfect for adding a driving range set up to your course. 

At Sportsmark, we are distributors of the BMS range of golf course equipment, so you can trust our products are high quality and built specifically for golf.