TITAN battery operated spray marking machine + FREE PAINT

£ 736.80 each

The Titan is hand built in Yorkshire after discussions with Groundsmen throughout the UK. It's twin spray nozzles give a dense and even line, and the floating head and spray gliders keep the jets a constant distance from the grass, even over the bumpiest ground. The high spec battery gives a full days marking in one charge and the 30 litre tank maximises length of lines before a refill is needed whilst still remaining easy to push. The line width can be adjusted between 50mm and 100mm and the volume of paint used can be varied by either turning one spray nozzle off, or adjusting the variable pressure valve. We will send 20ltrs of concentrated white paint FREE with the Titan.  Or take advantage of 'Bundle' offer which includes the Titan line marking machine and 25 10ltr bottles of white Grassline Ultra paint and save £310.69!!

All the needs of the professional Groundsman met with an economical and robust machine.


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