Moss and Algae Treatment

AlgoClear is a treatment specifically adapted for cleaning roofs and walls. Using a non-aggressive high purity biocide formula, AlgoClear is safe for use on several floor surfaces including artificial grass, natural stone and multi-use games areas.

AlgoClear targets biofilm, saturating the surface with a solution of quaternary ammonium to break down the cell wall. The remaining matter will break down under natural light and can be removed through cleaning or brushing. Some biofilms; Trentepohlia and Filamentous Fungi can leave behind dark metabolites, these will fade and disappear between a year to eighteen months.

High purity solution means the product can safely be used on silicone additives, sealants and coatings found in modern construction without damage. AlgoClear can be applied by brush or spray and care should be taken to protect surrounding plant life during treatment.

When using on ground surfaces, dilute one-part AlgoClear to 40 parts water and use at a rate of one-litre of diluted solution over 4/5 square metres of surface area. For heavily soiled ground areas, scrub first with concentrate AlgoClear before brushing with the diluted mixture.

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