Road Studs

As well as ensuring that your sports club’s playing surface is the best that it can be, Sportsmark also works to ensure that the facility, in its entirety, is of a quality standard. With a choice of plain or ribbed road crossing studs, available in both stainless steel and aluminium, your facility’s car park and pedestrian walkway area will match the quality of your sports hall and outdoor courts. 

Our 25mm diameter demarcation studs in stainless steel and brass are widely used to define specific boundaries.  This can be for car parking bays; around outdoor paved cafés, pedestrian walkways, recreation areas and they are even used to create tactile paving.  This 6mm high flat-topped at 15mm diameter stud looks stylish does a great job in delineating boundaries. 

Our anti-social studs which are also 25mm in diameter but with a domed head 15mm high are available in brass and stainless steel and have been designed to deter skateboarders practising their skills on walls, steps, benches and planters which are a few of their favourites places.  They can also be used to deter people from sitting on walls where they are not welcome.  Both demarcation and anti-social studs have a 30mm long, 9mm diameter ribbed shank which after inserting into a predrilled hole with a two-pack epoxy adhesive keeps them firmly in place. 

Temporary self-adhesive reflective studs are also available from Sportsmark.  These are widely used on roads and motorways, to help you keep your facility in top condition with the utmost of ease. These self-adhesive road studs have been tested and certificated to BSEN1463 and utilise the latest technology. They combine a prismatic reflector system and fluorescent pigmented body to give maximum day and night-time visibility. This raised, all-weather marking stud is frequently used in temporary traffic management schemes throughout the UK.  It is available in various configurations to make life simpler for Contractors – the ease of installation is a huge benefit in restricted traffic management situations. 

The self-adhesive system is recommended where it is essential to avoid leaving any marks which is unavoidable when using a hotmelt adhesive. 

Permanent 3M 290 reflective studs are also available from Sportsmark. Like their temporary equivalent, they are used on roads and motorways:  The 3M 290 stud is a high performance, permanent, surface mounted, reflecting road stud. 3M has combined innovative technologies, including advanced optical design, hard ceramer coatings and computer-aided construction design, to produce a highly reflective, long-lasting road stud which has proven itself in many countries throughout the world. 

The 290 stud is extremely versatile – it is suitable for use in any position, on all road surfaces. The studs are designed to be applied directly to the road surface using 3M approved hot melt bitumen adhesive. They are also available in various colour combinations.

Whilst the longevity of 3M 290 road studs will depend on the environment and volume of traffic, they have been specifically designed for today's heavily used roads and motorways. 

Product Construction / Specification: 3M 290 road studs are manufactured from a high impact resistant polycarbonate resin. They incorporate an inner ribbed contour which is shaped to dissipate tyre impact, increase strength and reduce damage. The tough polycarbonate micro-prismatic reflective lens is coated with a ceramer abrasion-resistant coating which offers excellent reflectivity and visibility in all weather conditions and has achieved the highest ratings for night time visibility in BS EN 1463.

3M 290 studs are suitable for application to new asphalt and concrete road surfaces and existing asphalt road surfaces.

If you cannot find the product to suit you and your requirements, please get in touch with our team today who will be more than happy to help. At Sportsmark, we pride ourselves on offering an unrivalled service to all of our customers.