Speed Ramps

Ensuring that your site and the surrounding area is safe for everyone it is a must and part of that includes keeping the speed of vehicles down to a minimum. When signs and road markings don’t serve as enough of a reminder for drivers, speed bumps are an effective means of keeping pedestrians and drivers safe. 

Supplied with built-in cats eyes for additional visibility at night, Sportsmark’s speed bumps are manufactured using heavy duty recyclable PVC segments and are available in a range of different sizes, suitable for calming traffic when required. 

Everyone has a right to stay safe when using or travelling to and from your site, meaning that there should not be any corners cut. If you are responsible for the safety of your site, you also have a duty to ensure that only the very best materials and equipment are used both inside and out. 

If you are unsure or unable to find the best product for your requirements, please contact the Sportsmark team today who will be more than happy to offer assistance.

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